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People who read this often think that there are many people who can drive four wheels and two wheels.
When you run usually in town or pass, do you think the difference between two wheels and four wheels?
I have a different way of concentrating anyway. Because it is fundamental to say that if you fail it will fall
Because there are, we concentrate on grasping the condition of the road compared to 4 wheels.
Is there a gap? Is there sand? Kant 'tilt of the road' is attached? What is the grip level?
I grasp the situation accurately and run it while reflecting it in the riding.
That is the most tried … · Road Road! Running the pass safely and quickly is the most difficult and fun!
Using rhythmic and constantly changing track conditions on endless roads various techniques
Sleep safely and quickly without difficulty. This is my biggest goal.
Do not be dealt with by any means! Grasp the situation and ride accurately! This is all.
In any circumstances, it will not slide greatly contrary to intention, or if the line comes around.
In this situation gymkhana looks alike. The difference is that you can use much for concentrating fast running!
You can not slide greatly in Gymkhana or slide apart from your intention!
Slide and slide as you try to slide.
The speed at which it is possible to run freely on the changing road surface, the first running line is there!

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