Evolution gradually gets

It is an intermediate course of the 09 specification DRZ that started around last December.

Lower the front head position, change the position accordingly
MJ cup on January 4 challenging while making fine adjustments.
Try running while changing the setting of 1 heat and 2 heat eyes
I tried exploring the future direction.
I was able to dig into the total 5th place so far.


However, I felt a delicate difference between feeling and time
Based on that, we are now working on a machine aiming at potential a higher rank.

Actually practicing as time is getting higher with new setting so as hope comes out
I think.

Also I was able to confirm how to give time on this machine
I would like to repeat running and fine tuning.

It is a place I want to aim for a little more in the 2 month Dunlop 1 game.


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