What is a good motorcycle for beginners recommended by gymkhana rider as part of the upcoming issue in motorbike magazine?
I wrote a little comment as I said!
Honestly I do not have much chances to ride the latest bikes, to be honest, I do not know until I try it
I bothered my head, but one bike came to my mind.
It's Kawasaki's 750! If that machine seems to be quite reputable inside the company
Can you enjoy fun from beginners to advanced players, can you get on for a long time? I thought that it was selected.
I wanted something like ZRX 1200 R if possible but is it a bit strict for beginners?

If possible, the latest FZ 1000? Or something like GSR 600? MT03 or
Many bikes that I want to ride are coming out, I wonder if you plan to do comparative test drive in motorbike magazine ~
Recently I have been able to do a lot of tire tests, so it is good to test a motorcycle next time!

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