Sudama's second dining room tooling?

I decided to hurry, I went to the Otama Shokudo Touring.
Route at Seven set at 7:00 in the morning
Ome ~ Naguri ~ Yamabogi Pass ~ Chichibu ~ Shiga Saka Pass ~ Uenohara ~ Budou Pass ~ Nobeyama ~
Oda Shokudo ~ Crystal Line ~ Katsunuma ~ Yanagisawa Pass ~ Ome
The usual route of (^ _ ^) v
Four members gathered in the morning! That was the only side that I ran around at the practice session the other day!
What a tired middle aged man? Only (^ _ ^;) And planning a meeting with the manager of Nagano on the way!

Under the wonderful blue sky, the early pass passes through the fresh green tunnel while being wrapped in clear air
It was really comfortable running lightly ~ (^ _ ^) v
This is irresistible, is not it ~ ~ ~ ~

Towards while capturing several pass, near Uenohara meeting with the store manager ,,
Although the shop manager arrived at the site, there is no store manager · · ·
Well wait a bit! At that time the phone from the manager.
"It seems I made a wrong way and I am in Shimonita now"
Well then will you be able to come by as long as 30 minutes? I'll be waiting so come quickly ~
1 hour 15 minutes since I told you that …. I can not wait anymore …
Go ahead with emails! Leave and leave! I headed for Oda Shokudo!
"After confirming it later the store manager arrived 5 to 10 minutes after we got out
It was regrettable ~ store manager! "

Although I was doing a 100km marathon on the way, Kiyosato, neither anger nor eyes were given to me
Oda eatery which arrived! How · · · what a character in preparation · · ·
Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ It's 12 o'clock now ~ I usually do it ~ (: _;)
The shop for a signboard of a noodle shop in the near by giving up and giving up!
This is also · · · clearly more than the standard! Is this a standard around here?
Saying selfishly, name the cafeteria named Sutama 2nd dining room and arbitrarily!
I do not need any trouble from the next time (^ _ ^) v

Put gasoline and the next pass is a crystal line! This is····
A lot of sand is floating, the gap is fierce, because the road is thin, there is little escape place
It was a situation that I used a lot of concentration. .
It also runs all the way to the top of Yanagisawa at a stretch of 100 km!
My rear fender of DRZ that could not bear the extreme situation is in the middle of Yanagisawa
I got breathlessly and it broke into two in a shaky hand (: _;)
It was around 5 o'clock that I managed to repair and get home.

Let's also go next ~ (^_^) v

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