2006 model ~

I have not got the schedule for 2006 yet, but my ZRX also introduces new parts ~! !
Although it is only said to replace it with the front fork of ZRX 1200 R of the 2006 model
Inner tube is titanium coat and outer is silver! !
I wonder if it will be quite an imechen? I would like to introduce it from the office tea shop if possible! I think.
The tires also evolved and I would like to run another rank higher.

And the DRZ is about to finish the engine soon! (^ _ ^) V It was a bit long ~
It will be changed to a bit exciting machine if it is completed (^ _ ^;)
Pass and touring are the main machines, but I think I would like to use it for Jimkana for quite some time!

Besides this, from this blog touring rider of touring is not it easy? When
I do not know why? But if it does not get lonely (^ _ ^;)


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