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This year's Dunlop also decided the first game on 26th March and it is finally getting started!
I am thinking about entry in ZRX 1100 of course this year. As I wrote in the previous blog
Upgrading the performance of the front fork and increasing the performance of the tire to ZRX's time
I hope that it will become like, but how is it?
It seems that a new rival will come into the SB class again this season.
Utcha who was riding CBR 600 who decided to advance to grade A this year entrants with Z1000
And maybe Mr. Yajima who definitely took past champions
I think that it will be entered at ZRX 1100.
It seems that a hot SB battle will spread over this year more than last year.
But my goal is the overall victory to the last! Overall victory in Ritter
It is a distant dream, but having a dream is free. (^ _ ^;)


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