07 Honda CB 1300SF I will sell it.

It is CB 1300 SF which cherishes, but I decided to sell it due to various circumstances!

As you know the content? A considerable custom is given.
Because I set it myself so hard, I think that it is a pretty good finish as CB 1300!

It is contents.

2007 year formula CB 1300 SF
Mileage = 10808 km
Vehicle inspection = expired
I only stand standing once (^ _ ^;)

It is a picture a little before.


Content of remodeling
* Front and rear Orleans Suspension "Special Setting Specification"
* Honda genuine type Gail Speed ​​Aluminum Wheel
* Triple Tree Stem made by Wheelie
* Brembo Racing Caliper
* Brembo Radial Master "Brake hose, swapped to the edge line"
* Full exhaust muffler "TSR & Nojima, hand-bent 4IN 1 muffler"
* Full power specification "TSR intake funnel attachment"
* Handle change
* N Project same bikini cowl wearing
* SSB bumper installation
* Fenderless specification
* Honda genuine tandem career available!

At present, there are no normal parts F fork, rear suspension, F wheel, calipers.

Now we will sell it after all parts are worn.
All inclusive 1.6 million how is it? "With vehicle inspection"



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