Looking back over the year

Looking back over the year, it was a bitter memory of the season.
However, I was not bound by one thing but I always kept running my mind as a challenger.
I want to stretch it.


I've been challenging various machines so far, but this time the Motard machine
There are many different parts from the technology that we have cultivated over 18 years
I had a hard time with machine setting.
In the middle of the season, in a situation not accustomed to running on the machine and running
Changes in the tire made me struggle very much.
It is easy to run normally, but trying to get to the very top with it
It's not easy.
Low speed instability coming from clutch operation and difference in control of traction
Body with high pitching, high turning of roll axis.
As a rider I experienced a variety of things and it was a year that I learned a lot.


Since occasionally the CB 1300 can be controlled with the conventional technology
No waste, smooth, control of the point cutting time is accurate!
I can run very happily!
This makes me run like myself, and I think it's a gymka.
Challenge with the ultra big bike to the SB class which SS system is the mainstream mainstream! It looks fun (^ _ ^)

However, Jimukana in a light car that scrapes the time thoroughly is mainstream now.
I can only do things out there there.

Next season
I did not do DRZ until now, challenge the setting for more time
Let's challenge the Dunlop Cup?

And in the MJ Cup and other competitions to convey the powerful appeal of big bike gymkana
I'd like to ride the CB 1300.

For now it is!


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