February 24 Summer land practice session

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How many times have you seen it already? Summer land practice session
In the beginning, I did not understand how to use the course, and of the course I did not use
The road condition was also bad and I had a hard time.
The situation has improved gradually and it has become possible to practice fairly extensively (^ – ^)
Yesterday's practice group received the participation of nearly 70 people, and I heard the voice saying I was satisfied again
I think that it was good.
In the Time Attack course I tried my best I also found that many beginners made a lot of rows
I felt as if I was seeing the light of hope in the practice session from now on seeing.
When I did a staff meeting at the end of the practice session, the number of participants has also increased
It was decided to expand the practice course.
I will continue to do my best to be able to practice more comprehensive
We are waiting for the participation of more people.


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