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Actually it is included in what I call a beginner support program.
It is a very good thing to say that advising beginners, such as those who want to start gymkhana
Yesterday I got a question from a 20-year-old man living in Saitama through DM through a program "Is it OK with NSR 50? What kind of competition should I initially attend?"
I thought "If it is an NSR 50 it may be hard to accelerate but it may be a beginner welcome tournament
If you come out! I think that you can find a motorcycle you want to ride while running "
I taught the address of the administrative tea house cup.
But it is ~ 20 years old! I am young, do not you say ~ I feel like watching children
It became wrong ^ ^; Because my eldest daughter is about 20 years old so … · · ·
I was spoken to by Okutama the other day and it seems that the popularity of Gymkhana has also steadily rising due to magazines, DVDs and others.
In exchange, securing the venue such as the practice place is not progressing!
I will somehow solve this difficult problem and raise up gymkhana.

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