2017 Hokkaido Touring Day 2

Sunrise of Soya Cape is 3:45!
As expected, it starts to move at the same time as sunrise. Today I can see the blue sky unlike yesterday.
I took a picture in front of the oldest northernmost monument of blue sky again!


And climb Soya Hills. A lot of deer is eating in the early morning meadow, I am staring at this place as the stranger came (^ – ^;


Pleasant scenery is monopoly.
And I saw Sakhalin at the end of the lighthouse.


Today I will go south down Okhotsk side.
Esanuka wild feeling was pleasant with the blue sky and a straight road.


From the branch of Eguchi, people at Misaki Soya Cape are also recommended to drive at prefectural highways 120 – 49
There is no thing to pull out the car even if it runs for 2 hours, the splendor of not coming even oncoming cars (^ ^ ♪
However, it is not possible to eat because it is such a place (^ – ^;
We also closed the scheduled course ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .
Change route and aim for Lake Saroma.

I found out that I'm looking for Messiah ~! When entering Lake Saroma Lake Road Station you will find scallop curry.
This is quite delicious. And it is 500 yen. Feelings I got really awful (^ ^ ♪


Tiredness came out, and I aimed for Noguchi Cape.

Funky Jee who I met here.
It was very good taste.


Kitatomi is a lodging for tonight. .
But, when running, it makes me feel uncomfortable …
The chain feels tartar.
Stopping and checking it, there is no doubt … Tartaru and complete oil exhaustion. .
I found a bike shop in Kitami and jumped in. .
so! I did not bring a chain oil this time.
I have finished the adjustment and refueling and arrive to the lodging tonight.
While getting a good dish and sake at a nearby tavern, it became an independent meeting.


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