2017 Okinawa “Autobahn” Touring

I am allowed to participate in the events hosted by Mr. Outban every year at Okinawa's Kawasaki regular handling shop
In the summer of this year, a young couple "Mr. Osamu and Yukari" invited to Okutama Touring when they came to SSB Factory.


In that case, let's go to Okinawa Touring this year! It was exciting and this event was to tool Okinawa.

Try touring safely and pleasantly with the technology you practiced at any time! Because my goal is to say, with my colleagues I practiced together with Okinawa
I was looking forward to the best touring. ·

Come on now.
I flew Haneda and arrived in Okinawa for over two hours.


-3 ℃ when you leave Ome ,,,, When you arrive at Naha Airport already 20 ℃ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
This time, I will not go directly to the shop, I will sightsee the south side and plan to head to the shop after having lunch at the aim at the soba shop.

The drive while watching Okinawa's blue sea is the best (^ ^) /
Try on a Niraikanai bridge famous for sightseeing spots


I went to the Okinawa soba store saying "MARUKEN" of the real aim of Uruma City.
It was very crowded at the local people, but it also creates new connections again.
A little bit older couple than us, spirited flowers bloom.
In the talking, my wife wanted to go to Okutama … … Husband is taking a bike license now
If you want to go around the country by motorcycle ,,,, There is nothing you can not talk with (laugh)
The side of Nago is also delicious when you are talking about various things! Please go.
Especially Miyazato soba is the best! And I got the information.

Oh yes, this is Furu noba noba.


There are lots of Okinawa soba shops, but the best shop I ever have is this Maruyasoba shop.
Husband and wife "Mr. Taira" is a farewell here. I surely believe there will be meetings somewhere (^ ^) /

I will leave the store and head for the outbunn.

As always, "I'm home ~" will enter the shop and will continue to talk for several hours (laugh)
I am completely disturbing my work.

This time I borrowed the new type Ninja 650 that I had prepared by doing the night fight at Futenma Driving School
I left the store and went to the school.
It is impossible to imagine in Tokyo, is not it possible to practice at night in the school?
It is regrettable that it has been raining and it has become a practice on wet roads in Okinawa.


After finishing the practice session, we moved and took dinner at A & W, and we arrived at the inn turn around 0 o'clock (^ ^;)

Now it's a real production Okinawa tooling.
Shop 9: 00 It is a slow start with departure.
Originally I had planned to ride the Ninja 650 which I had prepared
This time it was tandem touring with my wife on for the first time in ten years
I robbed the Versus 250 that the president was supposed to ride.


Ninja has higher performance, but when I think of my wife for the first time in ten years, I decided that the relaxed Verses 250 would be better.

It is the first time in a long time since the touring of 26 people total.


Going north on National Route 58 and aiming at Koryu Island! It's a famous place for the blue sea and the bridge!
Actually I went to a family trip one month ago, but Kuri Uruusi Bridge, which runs on a motorcycle, is also exceptional.


It is just around the island and crossing Koryijima.


Northern further from here. . It is lunch at Yui Yui Road Station.

I got something like meat roe gruel fried here.


This is delicious meat and fried rice too! And there are so many dice steaks really.

And we got some brown sugar ginger milk, but this is also delicious! But there are no pictures ~~ (; ∀;)


Energetic and reliable daughter? Is it (laugh)

And head for the destination Higashi Cape.

When I come around here, Okinawa people are saying cold ~~~ cold ~~.
No, no, it's around 16 degrees. . . It's a summer glove, ,,,,, I do not say it's cold! this is
It seems that Okinawa prefecture is cold and painful when it falls below 20 degrees. . . . Jealous~~~~



Now run from the prefectural road No. 70 on the east side of Yanbaru forest. Is this the sacred ground of a rider of Okinawa? It is the continuation of the pass.
From here it is divided into three groups of semi runs.

To me just to say that I used to go by car only once,
What kind of curve? What kind of road surface is it? How long will it last? Where is the resting place? How much does everyone skip? I do not know at all.
Moreover, it is a tandem with a wife who has been a long time since the first bike. . .
Well let 's talk about the first group for the time being ~
By saying, I ran at a position where the head can be seen.
However, when I ran my wife ten years ago, there was a bitter memory that I could not stand up when I got off
Anyway I will not put a strain on my wife this time! As it was the biggest challenge, I did not brave hard.
Do not push hard, accelerate also calmly. . . I tried running with extreme caution.

Because it troubles the head group at the same time, I immediately handed over and ran to the extent of enjoying a little pass.
Since then the second group has also caught up, so head for a while? I was running.
I was choosing to run while watching the scenery because it was awful.


This time for the first time tandem touring with my wife using incum. While speaking variously
Is this OK? Although he was driving while listening. Normal Verses 250 ran well as well!
I enjoyed enjoying the pass road of Okinawa.

At the end there were various troubles, but I was able to finish Okinawa Touring without fail.


And the night is a launch!
Talk a lot about the bike. I enjoyed delicious taverns in Okinawa and stayed up at night.


The next morning, I had a free schedule for a day, did you get tired so much?
Because I can not get sleepy, I sleep in the parking lot of Shimonobe.
After that I got well, so I got a sweet potato cake set at the sweet garden.


Since I had plenty of time, I went to the JAXA Okinawa Space Communication Center.


Exhibits related to JAXA were decorated here.
I like this kind of couple so I had a good time and I had been watching for more than an hour.

I had plenty of time to spare, so I went to the Miyazato dining room heard to Mr. Taira.


The noodles here are old-fashioned noodles of Okinawa and the soup is also delicious, and the three meat and the Souki were also delicious!
It became a shop of Okinawa soba which I would like to go back here again in Okinawa.
Thank you Mr. Taira (^ ^) /

Although I enjoyed Okinawa's meals, sightseeing, and touring, I left Okinawa. . . .
1 hour 45 minutes by airplane from Okinawa with 18 degrees at 8 o'clock ,,, Temperatures at Haneda airport returning 8 degrees
Ome after 1 and a half hours gone further down to -2 degrees!

This temperature difference is really painful ,,,,,,

But it was really fun ~

What kind of event will be next year?

I'm looking forward very much from now.


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