2017 Hokkaido Touring Day 3

Today also Kitami departs early in the morning at 4 o'clock.
Temperature 7 ° C in the morning of Kitami, cold with Keene. . Saturday. . .
The NC 750 starts running excellently as she clears the fresh air … the chain is spinning lightly (lol)

When I ran the Bihoro national highway of the street trees of Hakkaido that goes through Bihoro Pass, it seems that it was too bad for Kussharo Lake clouds to be visible at once but I went up to the observatory.


Speaking of Kussharo way lake is a sand bath!


I let you warm cool cold fingertips.

Then the clouds are gone and it's fine! I also thought of going back to Bihoro Pass again, but this time I tried going up to Mt. The view from here was also good, but as I went up to the highland Koshimizu further above, it was written that there is an observatory at 150 m walking and I went there.


Satisfied with the superb view of the monopoly! I am enjoying Hokkaido while listening to the bird's bruises.

Next aim is Lake Mashu in the fog (^ ^ ♪
For Hokkaido it climbs finely with Kunekune and there is a third observation platform.
Although it seems that the marriage season will be delayed when seeing sunny past Lake Mashuu … … It does not matter ~


I talked with a couple from Kansai for a long time.
The real pleasure of traveling is interaction with these people, is not it ~ If it is a solo touring in a motorcycle, it seems that opportunities to be further spoken to increase. Recently I can speak to them well in touring.

I wonder if I will go back and forth around here as well! Because it is against the lake it's easy! I thought I started but I was able to realize the size of Hokkaido.
I will not arrive even if I run on a straight road · · ·
On the map so close to that ~ (^ – ^;


Well after seeing the scenery saying such a thing, is it a sacred place of a rider? What? What? What? I will head to Kaiyang.
Even so, I have not eaten anything so far. . . No, I could not eat it. 6 hours from departure. . . hungry~
Hokkaido terrible. . .

Speaking of Kaiyodai, the horizon seems to be round but selling!


It is a magnificent view, but I am hungry (^ – ^ ;.
Everyone seems to eat honey soft, but I eat.
Cafe? There were unusual owner when entering.


Hokkaido Zangi dog and honey cheese dog, and I got a cafe latte.


Zangi was also delicious, but honey cheese dogs are serious delicious (^ ^ ♪
It seems like clover honey, it is rich but it fits well with cheese dog.
It made me honey all-you-can-eat specially.

Then, do not eat this! And it came out honey salt ice


In addition, do not drink! And another cup of coffee came out …

Does it serve riders? Or did you like me?
I will not serve other people ~ (^ – ^;

A straight road like Hokkaido follows from Kyoyo.


A shadow that looked like a point in the distance approached and it was a heavy-duty truck.
Well it is full of Hokkaido.
From there, go through the mountains and aim for Shari with national highway 244.
Speaking of Shari, the way to heaven! It continues to the heaven far heaven.


On the way to Shiretoko there is the Oshinkoshin waterfall.
But Shiretoko has many people. . I just can not stand it and took only the pictures and I am leaving quickly.


You have to go to Kamui Wakka Waterfall so far!
Actually passenger cars and motorbikes can not run during August.
Running with 11 's dart at 17 inches, packed NC was seriously horrible, but somehow I arrived.


I tried climbing up the warm waterfall.


But it was not as warm as I thought to enter naked ~
I go to a higher place and it is going to be put in a 40 degree dark waterfall vase …
Then the uncle who came with four wheels said, "A bear has crossed halfway!"

NC + offroad without even freedom. . . .
What will happen if a bear comes out? And the inside of my head is more nervous.

Somehow I came back to the road of asphalt and I had time so much, so I went to Shiretoko 5 Lake.
The long course is guided in 3 hours, the middle course is also guided in 2 hours. If you are a short course you can walk freely in 40 minutes!
I walked a short course by saying.
Long and middle courses seem to be guided with a bear and it is dangerous.

When I return, there is R1200GS in Hachioji number ·
Talk with you for a while and say goodbye. . .

Time has just started to improve, so I will head to the accommodation tonight.
Since I applied for a night tour tour this time, I asked for a meal in the early stages.
It is a meal from 6 o'clock. Since it is a solo touring, meals are somewhat lonesome.
When I ate mushrooms, the older brother of GS who came to the seat next door.
Liquor also helps and the talk rises.
The more I hear it, the more similar character … I am laughing.
I will be on a night cruise, so the story ends there –
Early in the morning, so you have a good trip! I said good-bye to say.

Night cruise is to go to see the animal in the mountains of Shiretoko.
The light is given to the participants, and slowly runs the mountain path while lighting the light towards the mountain.

I could not meet brown bears, but I was able to meet deer and Kita fox.
Especially cute fox who has only two fists of my fist was cute (^ ^ ♪.

Weather forecast, sunny tomorrow! ! ! ! Let's go early and see the sunrise at Shiretoko Pass!
So decided to enter the futon.


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