29th morning Korean touring candidate site

A morning kan after a long absence! Weather forecast is good so far I think I will make a decision as it is.
We gathered in Ome at 7:00 AM and around 3 o'clock in the evening we are finding a route of dissolution!
At this time, there are still a lot of passages stopping, so it is hard to decide the route
I will write some routes so please consider which one is better.

1 Ome → Naguri → Yamabushi → Chichibu → Shiga Sakago → Ueno village → Since establishment of grape passage avenue stop is high
Tokushima Pass "299" -> Kiyosato -> Kofu -> Yanagisawa Pass "or Matsuhime Pass" – Okutama – Ome

2 Ome → Yanagisawa Pass → Shioyama → Bodhisattva Pass → Otsuki → Satsuhime Pass → Okutama

3 Ome → Yanagisawa Pass → Shioshan → Broad farm road → Minobu Town → Honzuen → Longhu Lake →
Asemune Highlands → Gotemba → Mikuni Pass → Yamanakako → Doshigo → Sagami Lake

Please choose from these three ~

1 is a nice route, is there a possibility of regulation or bad roads?
2 will come home soon! Is it the root?
3 is a fulfilling route one day ne ~


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