8 character

All of the technology is condensed in this figure of 8.
So it can be said that it starts with the letter 8 and ends with the letter 8
I think that it is an important exercise. This is not limited to gymkhana but HMS super intra
Mr. Suzuki also agreed when I was talking to me.
Let's introduce various 8-character patterns to practical use of various techniques from now on.
Practice various distances of 50 cm to 30 m away from one pylon
2 Practice by changing the rhythm by making two letters of 8 different distances between pylons
3 Practice of a pattern that goes big and comes out small
4 Pattern practice that enters big and comes out greatly
5 Small entrance and large exercise pattern practice
6 Small entrance to small pattern exercises
7-width practicing 8-letter practice

If you can practice this variety of patterns and make the most efficient turn in production
I think we can afford to take the line and the time will be faster!


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