D is a strong translation? Why?

zoom RSS D is a strong translation? Why?

<< Date and time of creation: 2006/01/31 11:30 >>

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After testing this 002 this time one question comes to mind.
That is why I feel such a difference, but as long as I see the result of the convention
D is advantageous, is not it! I'd like to confirm the difference with the administrative tea ceremony cup next time.
I imagine that,
The tire of D is easy to grasp the state of barely! So I can take a vibe to attack = time comes out
B's tires and M have a sense of security no matter how far it is difficult to understand Girigiri = can not attack
Wonder~? I think. Well there is also a difference in the mounting rate?
Afterwards does not need to bend at a shallow bank with low speed turn required by gymkana?
I will check with this surroundings and run.


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