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Yesterday I asked my friend to finally watch the video of the final race!
Actually, I have few opportunities to watch my videos recently, and the movement that GSXR calls
I did not know what I was doing.
This time it is running with the cowl removed, but as I was imagining
The movement of the front suspension is fast ~ The balance of the machine is not good at all ^ ^;
There is no excessive left in the rear because the front sinks vigorously
For that reason I have a hard time to prevent the rear slide and to the second half of the turn
Connection is also not good · · ·
With the various elements such as the latest SS frame and caster angle, center of gravity position
At the rate of the present it is very big energy
It was an image that I felt that I could not bear it.
The goal of the setting in the future is to slow down the movement of the front suspension
I noticed that it was to increase the workload of the rear suspension!
Well, working from tonight and the weekend 's Nagoya convention is also tested again!
It looks like that ^ ^;

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Video of the final round of the D Cup Banda's initial B / BIGLOBE Web blog

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