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<< Date of creation: 2006/04/18 10: 04 >>

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The machine was finished, so I think I will bring DRZ to Gymkhana soon.
Dunlop is obviously an entry in ZRX, but other competitions will come out in DRZ as much as possible.
Because it's just boring with the same machine, it does not seem interesting to come out with a light machine (^ ^ ♪
First of all I will do my best to be able to run beyond my ZRX.
For that, the setting of the undercarriage is indispensable!
Clutch operation … This is serious.
Until now it was clutch ON as I was driving from accelerator ON in the middle of the turn!
If this goes wrong, I will not run.
If all goes well it will lightly ZRX will surpass!
Firstly, the goal of 6/18 secretariat tea cup which is decided now is the goal (^ ^ ♪
I will run a bit over the weekend, so I will write comments again.

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