DRZ suspension setting

DRZ from the first state made for Motard, absolutely front preloaded
I was not messing with … · Is this OK? What a proper feeling.
The engine was finished this time and I thought that I will boil down the suspension again
Preload measurement! Then it turned out that it was quite different from the content I thought …
Spring has 0.6 kg, but preload took 23 mm too ^ ^;
This is 0 mm when I listen to a friend and friends! It is 7mm! And··
So we tried assembling the pre according to 5 mm.
When I ran, I feel a completely different feeling than before! !
There is a feeling of grounding, and the balance of banking has improved too! The turning ability also increased dramatically!
The degree of freedom in braking has also increased! Because the front and back move in a balanced manner with fast turning back
The balance of the car does not collapse · · · all the good things!
What did you do until now …
Although I do not know the real point unless I still do time attacks
The feeling that I ran mountains and did a bit of detail is good!
Premonition that seems to be fun again (^ ^ ♪

Motatus's suspension is full of things I do not know yet!


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