DRZ completed!

The engine was also assembled, and it was finally completed by taking the vehicle inspection, DRZ 434.
I was surprised that the exhaust gas of the vehicle inspection passed as it is now!
The slow jet has the largest 45 # and the screw is turning 2 turns
So, is it pretty good combustion?
I ran about 100 km of the neighborhood mountain last night.
The departure is not an extreme torque like an ordinary motorcycle, neither is it likely to be stalled
You can start. Also, idling may be more stable than before.
It seems that there is neither possibility nor impossibility from running to 4000 rpm.
From around 4,500 rpm the torque has been steadily rising and decided to break in. 7000 rpm
The torque is so terrible that the vehicle speed will grow to the extent that it will be enough if you skip it normally.
The future is a seal, but I expect a bit (^ ^ ♪
It was much more fun to run through the mountains than before.

I will have a practice session on the weekend so I'd like to bring it in.


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