DVD story

Dunlops cup DVD was released from Moto Bito 2005 season
I mounted the in-vehicle camera twice in that, but that story and a little explanation.

In the first it is a place where tire movement and movement of F suspension can be seen well
I loaded a small camera under the slash guard of ZRX and ran the main body under the seat and ran. It's a test in practice morning! If you run by things, you rub the camera to the ground how
A camera of tens of thousands of yen was par … This was impatient (^ _ ^;)
But although the wide field lens was broken and the view was narrowed by saying that the picture could be taken somehow
I also ran a run for the actual run! Did everyone see?
When you see the picture, you will feel the weight of ZRX! When the excessive weight rides the sidewall of the tire
I'm going to be crushed in less than half, that's hard to attack any further!
Since the damping of the tire is extremely lost, it will slip if impossible.
I was able to confirm the situation and tire problems I had imagined with that video!
The balance between the tire grip force and the tire rigidity is 230 kg and I can not stand my running. .
Especially when the grip is good, the season is tough, while on the contrary the condition is good in winter the grip is lowered
I can afford dumping ~ ~ ~ "Since this time the rigidity of 209 has been increased
Very summer is looking forward to it! "

In the second time it was shoot of the right hand accelerator work and brake work.
This was the shooting of the problem that the world calls me what I am doing to the world (^ _ ^;)
What? Because it is a run that opens the accelerator before loosing the brake.
I do not know what people think, but it is the essence of my running.
By doing that, you can open the accelerator quickly and wide. Without applying the rear brake strongly
I can finish without pulling out traction.
And you can control the rear suspension.
It is premised that other controls can be done well, but if this can be done the range of running will expand.
But do not imitate yourself unnecessarily, because if you do it roughly you will injure seriously. .

I am planning to mount the car again by saying that there is a DVD shoot this season.
I hope to be able to take interesting images ~


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