GSXS1000 Gymka SAKUTA specification production started

Manufacturers have made machines that would be suitable for gymkhana, but since they have no proven track record, they will hesitate to purchase by all means.
Such machine GSXS 1000!
But surely this machine looks good – I think that there are many people who think.


So I decided to make GSXS 1000 Sakuta specification gymkhana machine with my experience and knowledge.

We will aim for potential improvement by improving the range as small as possible.
"The range of remodeling that each person wants is different, so I can fight if I do it so far! I will try to reach the place."

Currently doing what you are doing Handle change sheet processing Riasasuorizu change final
Rewrite of ECU.
Change handle angle

I set in this state and tried running.

It will run better enough to surprise you.
You are already over ZRX 1200, are not you? I can run like that.
To be honest and to run is fun.
I want to run this machine as the main ~ I feel like that.

As for future contents, the finalization of the final and the matured of the ECU.
Afterwards aging of the front and rear suspension.
We will consider setting up until the back step.
Basically remodeling so far, the appearance is still normal.
I will not change the muffler.

New Wind to Gymkhana! I would like to make an effort to aim at the gymkhana where the current model runs.

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