Gymkhana Potential of Kawasaki 2018 Ninja 400.

When announced last year, I thought it was cool ~ 2018 model Ninja 400
There are 400 engines on 250 bodies. Attractive basic data. . .


And it will be to make SSB, when you remove the cowl and bare it, the mounting position of the engine, swing arm angle, how to attach the casters. The frame composition and various places were reflected attractively.
In addition, when actually riding, there is sufficient torque from low speed, flat middle speed power and extended high rotation,
Moreover, there is no vibration engine. .
Imagine it when you saw it as it was handling.

Is not this the potential enough to be converted into NSR if I ride it?
I felt such a charm to the whole body.

And thinking a few months, … I made a big decision and bought Ninja 400.
After delivering car, feeling the basic characteristics of Ninja, choosing spring rate and final
Selection of positions such as steering wheel. . We decide various contents.
I repeated fine adjustments, brought it to a certain state, I participated in the JAGE Cup the other day.

So I felt that the potential of Ninja was wonderful as I did.
It was a rear tire which caused the rear tires to slip unexpectedly due to lack of traction of the rear tires due to shortage of the extension side dampers, but the performance of the car body was high and it did not get greatly disturbed and proceeded forward.
The engine does not have vibration, and even from low speed, there is nothing I do not like to complain about litter ride.
It feels like the distance feeling between the pylon and the pylon is not much different from when it is on the S1000. .
This is evidence that it accelerates well.
Despite the less time setup I got a reasonable time and I got the ranking
I think that it is evidence of the height of the potential Ninja possesses and ease of handling.

It seems that now I got to traction well now that the shortage of the extension side damper on the rear which was a problem with the JAGE Cup was solved.

I am going to be able to go up steadily with potential for full race next season.

Of course, I want to run with Ninja 400! Because I will allow you to ride in consultation for those who say it.
If you are interested please contact us.

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