JAGE Cup first game

The course of the JAGE Cup this time was a difficult course for TE 310 to choose gears!
How, 3 places to enter second speed, 1 place to enter 3 rd gear
It was a feeling of running while constantly gear changing.
Is this also a symptom appearing because the pace is coming up? I am analyzing it
In the first heat I got a little halfway running (; _;)
Still it was third time raw, so if you fix the bad place in the 2nd heat a little more time up
I thought that I can not expect it.


And in the second heat, just after the start pylon touch (; _;)
I concentrate on having to rethink and attack.


But I wondered if concentration was lost?
I fell down on rotation.


But I was lucky to be called in third place in the awards ceremony.


You seem a bit of a point to run the TE 310 faster in this competition?
I'd like to practice running for that run and then connect it next (^ – ^)


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