KX112 setup

I’m working hard on setting up the KX112 with 12-inch specifications (laughs)
Originally, the size of the tire is F19R16, so if the vehicle height remains high, the center of gravity will be high relative to the tire center, making it unstable.
It becomes unstable especially in the low speed range.
Also, I think that the front load was easily released during acceleration, and it was in a state where it was easy to wheelie along with the power characteristics.
Therefore, I set it up to match the tire size of 12 inches and leave a motard-like part.
Specifically, while lowering the overall vehicle height, it’s about optimizing the rear axle position.
It’s my first machine, so I’m gradually looking for a direction.
Here’s what the car looks like now.
It seems that the tire size and the overall balance have improved.
The rest is the posture while running, but I don’t know unless I run.
I haven’t run this spec yet, so I’ll be testing with PPS and Krisp over the weekend.


The final is super short and uses 2nd gear or more, but sometimes I make a mistake in gear.
It will take some getting used to.


Even so, it is difficult to use the body of a mini vehicle with a high center of gravity. . A slight difference in body position can cause you to lose your balance.
With the setup until the other day, my whole body is sore due to full-body exercise.
I think it’s a good training machine for grandpa.


This KX machine has an uneven surface and a racing stand is useless. .
It is useless even if the under guard is attached. .
I can’t help it, so I’ve been able to remodel the racing stand and make it stable.


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