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This time Okegawa is the worst condition called strong rain at the temperature below 6 ℃, both tires and putt
It got cooler and steadily braked and the tire no longer grips.
Perhaps, chilled tires and pads can not evaporate the attached water with heat
I think that the water film was made and it became more useless. That situation is completely unexpected
So I can not be sure …
Well do not grip it can not be helped under that circumstance, even inside of that
I thought that the difference between the machine and the rider was fun by translation.
It is obvious that you can not afford to stick on the slippery road! is this
In the end it's about the energy you give to the tires!
As you can see, the frame is soft, the suspension is soft, the engine is not abrupt
Anyway, the car body which can absorb energy on the car body side was good.
In other words, it is better that it is nearer to normal.
However, the expert machine had an average footprint and frame focused on dry high pace
I think that there were many machines that were very difficult to ride under that situation.
Under such circumstances expert riding technique that comes out time and time is more than time
I think that there was a sight.
By the way it seems P wearer was good! In that soft case
It seems that he was catching the road firmly. Conversely M does not grip at all
D was not too bad, but the grip of the rear tire is one more thing.
I heard that the old type 002 was better for BS.
It's totally different from dry This time wet is also a good way to look back on the riding
I think that it was a good experience. You only have to connect to the next run!

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