MJ Cup

Yesterday the 2nd Battle of the MJ Cup was held at Tomin Motorland in Lake Kasumigaura.
It was participation by introducing two new items this time.
One is Orleans' rear shock!
And the other is STM's slipper clutch!
Since both are running in only one hour after installation
There was still no hit a game ^ ^;
Since the suspension is useless, set the compression side damper to loosen
The slipper was an important issue this time to be able to move.
From the result, it was a correct answer by putting a slipper.
The stability around the rear which was the problem until now is up at a stretch
It became easy to run! Just some people have extra movements
Some people say it is difficult to use.
Susse has been decided to be good, but accustomed to anyway
Let's finish the setting and make 100% better performance
I want to!
Next we will go to the office workshop cup! We will boil down the setting until then!

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