MOTO GYMKHANA UK brochure with a happy surprise (^^

I was very happy yesterday.

A brochure handed out from a friend!
It was a brochure introducing MOTO GYMKHANA in Europe!

Oh! on the cover there is a huge picture of the ZRX1200 and I!


Oh I’m happy!
It is a translation that you are running running feeling the charm of big bike gymkana in myself
Gymkhana is a time competition after all! It is noticed that taking time on a fast motorcycle cut down on time. .
I had a feeling that the enjoyment of big bike, the enjoyment of gymkana was left behind somewhere

But Europe’s fresh look was honest!
We understand the attractiveness of gymkaa which manipulates big bike lightly and cuts time
Authentic motorcycle, motor sports genuine heart understands big bike gymkana! What.
I was happy.

From now on, let’s try hard while trying hard to be able to convey the charm of the big bike gymkana even a little!
It was an event that made me feel like that.

Everyone on a big bike ride! Let’s take a cool look at my big bike (^ ^)

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