Running NC 750X 10000 km

After purchasing the NC 750X last June, I got on the 10000? Mark in 7 months.


Even in my long motorbike life there is no motorcycle that exceeds 10000 as soon as possible.
Moreover, while doing gymkhana, even by myself amazingly high pace (^ – ^;

NC 750X It is fun to run to myself anyway and it's fun (^ ^ ♪
There is no power, the bank angle is also small, the wheelbase is long · · ·
Even though it is a machine far from sporty, somehow it's fun to run

Nonsense NC 750 I do not need to be aware of anything and I do not need to compare it with others
I can continue running while understanding the relationship between myself and my motorcycle only in myself
While mobilizing all the technologies to maximize safety awareness, run the unknown land and enjoy unknown pass.
NC 750X which allows such a way of engaging with such a motorcycle is now very cute.

I think there are still a lot There is still nothing I do not know I'd like to go running with NC 750X in the future.


It's fun bike is not it ~

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