New Suzuki SV650 Gymkhana setting


Just now, to increase the gymkhana potential of the new Suzuki SV650
We keep cars and make improvements and settings.

Make a base and run the test at the last Dunlop training.
We have identified points to be improved, and repeated improvements.

I have not been able to run enough tests yet because of the expedition and the continuation of the rain, but today I got time in the evening
I have set it up.


I am feeling pretty good as I expected, tomorrow I went to get out of setting early in the morning
I will debut at the Gymchaya-cup tomorrow.

I do not have run in a closed course slalom at all, so I am worried, but I feel the potential quite
I think whether riders can draw out the potential of the machine by only running for a short time.

I hope the asphalt will be dry tomorrow on the course.


Suzuki SV650 2016~ SSB Crash Guard Protection Cage [SS19]

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