NTR tire warmer

NTR tire warmer introduced from this season


This warmer, performance is wonderful.
Performance to rise early and to convey the generated heat to the tires without waste. .
Whether you touch it or not, it does not compare with the capability of the Italian manufacturer you've used so far.
The code is long and easy to use. .
Since it is domestic, it is safe even when it gets broken. .

I use it with the GSXS 1000 and its performance is high I do not feel like using another warmer anymore
I also got it for 120/160 size for Ninja 400.

Oh yeah, I thought using it in the middle of winter, even without warmer cover I get a firm heat!
It was troublesome again that I had to double it. .

In addition to saying that we also started the service of entering names
I also asked for SSB.

Since it is now possible to purchase at SSB factory
If you are interested please contact us.



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