NUDA 900 R & NC 700 Setup in progress

Because NUDA 900 R runs pass and gymkaa comfortably!

NC 700 is Normal Plus α to upgrade Gymkhana Potential!
We are advancing machine setting.


NUDA 900R is focused on cornering of less than 100? / H of speed area of ​​Japanese Passage and Gymkhana
I am setting it.
As of now, we are improving grounding feeling and improving total turning performance compared with normal.
I ordered Unbe 's suspension of normal Orlands for improvement.
It is changing to a cornering machine at once by setting up the whole based on it.

Next NC 700.


As I wrote in the last article, this is setting the world standard machine without spending money.
How far can you raise the gymka potential? In the place
Currently short setting of the final and setting of the front and rear suspension.

Although there are many parts that are used to running, the time ratio which was originally about 110% of the top was also
It has come up with the setting, and it is getting out to 105% level.

Of course there is no potential to aim at the top, but without extra money
You can go on a tour, and Gymkhana runs so well.
It is finished in a machine that can enjoy a motorcycle with one unit.

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