NUDA 900 R

At the time of the presentation, the machine that was exciting about its styling and concept finally came to our house.
Its name is Husqvarna NUDA 900 R!


I have been riding a motorcycle for 34 years, I started 27 years in gymkhana.
It really came on various machines.
It is because we encountered motorcycle seriously with pass, gymkhana, circuit
What kind of machine will satisfy me for you?
The eyes to judge it has become more and more strict.

NUDA thought that it would be a machine that could not be satisfied when actually taking a ride.

I was blessed with the opportunity to test-ride.
In a situation where it is possible to run to a certain extent at the gymkhana course …

At the moment of hanging on the engine, my heart has been bitching ~
It is a noisy sound!

When I tried running, I came to this place again. . . .

900cc trained unit that can freely extract torque of high compression engine
Firm, supple and under suspension.

I want so much! ! I thought for a long time.

I have to ride for 50 years old now, I will never ride again ~
It is a translation saying that I headed for the way to purchase at a stretch (^ _ ^;)



As cars are delivered, as they ride on public roads, their characters are fresh.
It is a smooth, stress-free engine until 3000 rpm.
On top of that it is a torqueful engine that increases torque steadily and increases vehicle speed.

6000 rpm or more seems to be blowing at a stretch ,,, but it has not turned yet ~ (^ _ ^;)

Even though its big two twin torqueful engine, there is an incredible cross mission.

Various enjoyment methods can be experienced in each revolution area for the engine characteristics which character is different.
I honestly think that such a luxurious setting can not be made with Japanese cars.

There is no need to purchase it again as luxurious things have been introduced
I am boiling down the setting while remaining normal.


Just now 1500 km
It's getting pretty good, the suspension setting and the engine that has increased torque
The Touring and Pass which makes full use of Scosco's mission and continues to excite the heart of 50 years old.

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