Okutama bike tour

Yesterday, I went on a walking tour of Okutama in the fine weather.
A side street in Okutama that you don’t know much about. It is a walk on the old road with a route unique to mini.
I left Ome at 6:30, and even though I was tired from the previous day’s detox training, I woke up earlier than the alarm because I was looking forward to it… It’s like a child’s excursion (laughs).
But it was a very cold morning and the car windows were frozen. . I regretted that I came out with light clothes later. . .
While watching the pigeon nest valley, run on the old road of Okutama. If you go down a side street that you don’t even know, you’ll find a house in such a place! ! What a series of surprises (^^♪ I’m looking forward to the future when I think that such a road is still hidden.
Coffee while looking at a beautiful view is very delicious. Time like this is one of the pleasures of touring.
The coffee set boils hot water properly and has drip coffee.
This simple time is very healing.


If you go even deeper, you can meet the scattered cherry blossoms in the lower world.
IMG_4378.jpeg IMG_4383.jpeg IMG_4392.JPG
Wild cherry blossoms, weeping cherry blossoms, red cherry blossoms, pure white cherry blossoms, and various cherry blossoms blooming in the same place.
I feel like I got the best. It’s not cherry blossom viewing in the city crowd.
Cherry blossom viewing to yourself is the best when no one is around. .


After that, I went up to Yanagisawa and went to Ichinose Kogen, but it was pretty deserted.
Fuji seen from Yanagisawa was very beautiful.


After that, I got off at Shioyama, ate lunch, ran No. 20, and returned home from Kosuge.
I’m already exhausted because I’ve been running a lot of time. . It’s also fun to run behind the car. .
Where should I go next?


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