Pylon Park Expedition

I received the KX112sm on April 15th, and have been slowly setting up and getting to know the bike.
What is the direction of the setup? What is your riding direction? You have to run in such an environment to advance around that!
By saying, I went on an expedition to Pylon Park Suzuka.


The first thing I did when I arrived in the morning was change the brake master! I bought it for the Ninja 400, but I couldn’t use it, so I kept it.
Can you use a bell ringer? I put it on the site by saying.
It’s perfect as expected, and the brakes are a little easier to use.


It starts from the basic course and the over course.
Before I left home, I installed a 20mm rear downlink, so the first thing I did was test and set it up.
The content was as expected and very easy to get on.


After that, run the fox course with rotation.
It turns out that the steering angle is too large here! After a few adjustments, I was able to run normally again.


And I conquered the raccoon dog course with my exhausted body~


At this point, I felt that the engine was bad and it was difficult to ride.
I changed the reed valve and tried various things, but it’s not perfect.
I was very happy because it came out better than I expected.


I was happy because I was able to confirm that I could have a good match with the 12-inchers in terms of time.


Day 2, today I’m attending Krisp.
It is a participation that whips the body exhausted from PPS. (smile)


However, it rained from morning. . . This rain continued until the afternoon.
It was a setup, so I ran even in the wet.
Humidity is high and the engine is in poor condition. . .
Saying apart, the discomfort of yesterday increases even more.
So at the end of the day Decided to change the cab set.
Changed position of slow main needle.
As expected? The engine is in great shape, and I’m now able to get the partials that I had given up on.
The connection from low speed to high speed is also good. .
It ‘s this this! The bike came to life and moved like a stranger.
just physical limits. . I can’t move my body the way I want it to, so that’s all for today. . .


In the last two days, the setup of the machine has progressed and it has become the best expedition practice.


With this momentum, I decided to enter the Chubu tournament with the KX112sm. .
I don’t think I’ll be able to set a time in one or two races yet, but I’m going to borrow everyone’s hearts and run.

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