Secretariat Chaya Cup Gymkhana Tournament

The Kanto administrative tea house cup was held yesterday.
Sometimes my own foot injuries are not healed.
Big bike that can run steadily! I entered with CB 1300.
The goal of this time is to be able to play with players involved in SB classes at least! (^ ^)!


Even if I say such a thing, it must be a machine that can run happily more than running!
By saying, the tire is 003! Set the football little by little
I went and made it to be pleasant to run.
But what time is Gymkhana? What? What? What? What? It’s in the state. .

The competition starts and enters practice running.
I feel that the turn speed is abnormally slow because I compare it with my DRZ at all times
But fast linking the accelerator, ease of handling after traction
Dash from there is big bike! (^ ^)! It feels comfortable

And the first heat eyes
Rotation immediately after start did not rotate at all (-_-;)
Hurry and accelerate …
1300? N Torque is not Date – despite the fact that the machine is standing
The tire will escape steadily and steadily. . This is funny! !


As you clear the course while remembering how to run a big bike
that? What? Am I wrong this turn? What? What?
So it is completely miscoated ~~~~
After all it turns back and returns to the course! I made time lost but it did not become a mis-course
It was embarrassing ~ I became the first heat.


Next, I remembered properly 2nd heat eyes.
While controlling the rear tire which slips if free, turning and accelerating efficiency
Running out with consciousness of running to the utmost. goal!
The time I went out was 1 minute 40 seconds 9! Although Pena was attached
Life time is second in SB class!
It was a very satisfying result.

Jimkana runs with the freedom to use big bike.
This is the real pleasure of gymkhana! It was a day when I felt like that.

Well I guess I will leave the next SRS Aichi convention at CB 1300 ~

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