The thought of the SSB producer

Speaking of bumpers is bad. It feels like a common feeling from long ago, including myself.

However, if a bumper is attached, the rider will not have to be caught and the motorcycle will not break easily. In case of

It will increase the possibility to protect the rider and return home safely. That is a bumper.

Speaking of bad things, if you try to keep the machine perfect, the size gets bigger.

As it gets larger, it becomes heavier and adversely affects maneuverability.

If it is big, it becomes an obstacle during driving, it hangs people

It can trigger falls and accidents if you catch something.

Better than anything

A good place like that bumper Through the game that the balance of a bad place is called gymkana

SSB has optimized it.

Although SSB is compact by making it the optimum structure according to the structure of each vehicle

I am making it to demonstrate the maximum effect.

Against the backdrop, while paying close attention to the design to become a motorcycle

We are trying to balance design and performance.

The strength of the bumper itself is also important, but because it gives priority to the strength, it makes priority to protect the rider by making escape so as not to injure the rider with the bumper at the time of falling.

Moreover, the material is not “plating or painting” of ordinary iron but by making it expensive all stainless steel

It is hard to rust and contributes to weight saving by successfully thinning with a strong material.

Moreover, it is raised to a satisfactory level for ownership by beautiful welding of TIG welding and the beautiful finish of the whole.

Also, the material called stainless steel is hard to use for products like bumpers which are required for full welding because the thermal strain is severe, but it also solves it, I am doing. “There seems to be some vehicles that are difficult to install due to individual differences in the vehicle body.”

Also use care for bolts and basically by using high strength bolts of plating more than 8 marks

I also get a sense of security

In the future I will continue to work hard in the future to evolve SSB in search of something better and make even a little contribution to enjoyable bike life.

I would appreciate your continued support in the future.

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