Suzuki 2016 SV 650 SSB

This time I made SSB for Suzuki SV 650 just out.

Although the frame was scheduled to be diverted at the beginning as saying that it is common with Gradius 650 (400)
If you actually apply it, the welded plate gets in the way
By saying that the bolt positions used in Gradius are different
I made a new SSB.

Without hurting the beautiful design, with the thought that things will protect them securely
I made it.

I wanted to lay the angle of the bumper a little more, but the position of the bolt, the position of the radiator hose etc.
Although there was a constraint and it became this angle, I think that it was completed without destroying the design extremely.


I also made a rear slider dedicated to the left side.
I think that it is quite effective when I fall to the left.
The rear slider was quite effective even in the fall test.


Although it requires a little processing of the plastic cover for installation, I think that it is a good completion as a whole.
How is it?

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