VTR 250 is completed for the time being

Although it is VTR 250 that purchased and started production so that everyone can ride and practice.
I managed to finish running to somehow.


Looks quite likely to run! Have not you made such an atmosphere? (Lol)
This sensation pretty much hits you ~

Well contents are transplant of classic NSR suspension and weight reduction of flywheel.
Although it is contents of degree, if it is different, is it a rear spring?

The spring is for Broth 650 which was rolling in the house.
Probably I think that it is harder than the normal of VTR.

Oh yeah, at the time of installation, I did not put on a pen and the end eye was perfect
The size of the hole and the width of the top were different. Is it a difference in age?
Since it can not be helped, I made a color and made it in time.


I put this color in this kind of wind, I was able to install it to the VTR without play.


It fits in a well-balanced front and back balance with feeling shaken and struck.
I do not know until I actually run (^ ^;)

Afterwards 76,000? I would like to put a katto on the engine I ran and drop carbon.


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