I ran the Z250SL for the first time in a while at the Satokana training.
Basically, it’s a Z250SL that I often lend to someone, so it’s a bike that I rarely ride all day long.
This time, I spent a whole day getting used to the body and running while looking at the direction of the setup.


I set it up in a stationary state at home, took it to the car, and fixed it on the road.
After that, my body is not used to it, so I just run.
The tires are also the size of 110/70ZR17 150/60ZR17 of Q5 for the first time in this size.
It seems to have good grip and good turnability.
The tires were in good condition, and I was able to run safely even at low temperatures.
Gradually, I got used to the machine and started to attack, and in the end I was able to push it to 100.94% of the top time.
I didn’t shrink at all from here, but I think it was a problem with the lack of punch and the setup of the front suspension.
Slip-on muffler Replace with BEET full exhaust
Since the front suspension is completely normal, I tried to strengthen the damping by changing the oil.
IMG_3857.jpeg IMG_3858.jpeg


The Z900’s suspension hasn’t arrived yet, so I’m going to train with the Z250SL for a while and test how fast it can go.


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