Husqvarna, I tried a funny thing a little

Husqvarna SM 250 is also gradually evolving
Next time I tried something interesting.

Replacement muffler since becoming a light engine has become a type having any sub chamber chamber any manufacturer.
The picture is Akrabovic!


By adopting this structure, it seems that it is possible to achieve low torque, high torque and flat torque characteristics.


Do not you think this is a very tasty performance upgrade?

By saying that, I tried to process the normal exhaust and set up a similar sub chamber chamber!


The chamber capacity, the thickness of the connecting pipe, the position of the chamber room, etc.
Whether performance can be demonstrated to the utmost is a completely unknown world (^ ^)

Well, it is a test drive.

Thinking things on the engine, was the sound quality of the exhaust sound better than before, it turned round?
And exhaust sound became thick.

Do you feel the torque feeling transmitted?

I felt it right after the start.
Obviously the torque is increasing.
And up to 4000 rpm the engine which was fluctuating with constant accelerator is very easy to handle and transform.
When opening the accelerator from there, the engine will come with a different dimension than before.
Even after entering the mountain path, if you run using up to 8000 rpm, you can run on top of the gear at any time!
I can sense tenacity and powerful torque as much as I can.
It is an impression that raised the potential more in gymkhana driving.

Well it is not likely to be used at the number of revolutions which are used so much at the circuit etc …

With this, it seems interesting to try it as a muffler with a slightly reduced exhaust resistance (^ ^)

Well, now, the potential of SM 250 going to be revealed gradually.
As rider psychology, I want to run this guy with real number.

ZRX 1200 is to say booby, show off yourself is the best and fun (^ ^)
The SM 250 feels the potential of the area which has never been used before and there is interesting to want to challenge.

In comparison, the CBR 600 is unexpectedly heavy, and the potential seems to be invisible and hidden from the severe part to run in class A
Do not be attractive with halfway feeling. .

Well, I'd like to select a future vehicle ~

Because I am my motto to run on a vehicle I think is fun
You may go honestly to your heart ~

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