Husqvarna SM 250 setting

I participated in the KRISP practice session held at Kyotaya Jiao Tong University.
As I wrote in the previous article, I brought in a stroke cut of 30 mm in front and back.
Although the engine is equipped with a catalyzer in full-pipe specification, although there is a low-speed stickiness and stability feeling
The punch power is quite depressed.

Well, it is a spacious course only for practice sessions held in Kyoto.
Even if you make it narrow, there are plenty of open spaces (^ ^)

The first thing is to start with ZRX 1200.
Pon Pompon and time grew and 1'08'1 was the best.


Since we had forecasts of rain from noon, we changed to SM 250 at the place where the time of ZRX stabilized.


Running while balancing short-circuited undercarriage.
When I tried closing the rear preload one rotation, the front sense of stability came out at once!
Even in places like to fall down from the braking at a stroke, it is fairly stable and faster than before.
Even in the scene that accelerates from there, the turning power does not fall, and the part which I was most concerned about by lowering the car height is also fine
I understand.

The time grows steadily and the best is 1'05'3

We reduced ZRX by 104.2%.
I am surprised at this.

Will the time go up to where and where will it go up as I raise this potential?
I wanted to peek at you for a moment.

Oh yes, after the practice session, Mr. Tyra Racing got "SM 250 bought here"
I had the catalyzer removed and adjusted the injection for that amount.
I had you shake the low and medium speed fuel injection slightly deeply.
I tried running at a later date, but the punch when I opened the accelerator was wrong.
I felt full power ~

This is another potential upgrade (^ ^)

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