adventure? challenger. .

Talk of CB 1300 this time, too

Big bike made by Honda!

In the world of gymkhana and workshops, is it because of its size and stable stability setting?

I think that there was an implicit evaluation saying that it is not a machine that makes it run fast even though there is pleasure to manipulate.

But I bought such a machine dared ,,,,,

It is a culmination of my skills to manipulate this big bike freely and run fast!

But I was not expecting this machine itself

Frame making, dimensions, and the engine that comes along linearly with the right hand

And the sixth sense when you tried riding? What? What?

Are not they the best machines to express my skills?

I complained and came!

And I bought it! When you try to color yourself

The goodness of the machine comes out at once.

It is fun to ride. .

Even if you run faster or slowly, it's a lot of fun … a good machine!

The tournament came out, I run a lot more than I thought.


I want to draw out a better place for him more ~

That way it will be a more fun machine (^ _ ^) v

And as long as he gets this, he can be a challenger at any time. . .

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