2017 Kyushu Touring 5th – 6th day

Aso morning.
Today I took an inn with breakfast, so I leave for breakfast before breakfast.

After 5:00 start. .
Naturally the destination is Taikan Feng! I guess I went out of the mind that I thought that the morning majestic peak would be the best.
Climb the podium comfortably well! ! ! It is a big ticket ~~~~


Naturally, the road of Laputa can not see anything in the same situation.
I was crying imagining the scenery that is ahead.

I ate breakfast and restarted.
Actually I will stay in the same hotel for 2 nights, so I can put a heavy baggage a little.
I will enjoy it a little while making it a little easier.
However, Aso is wrapped in fog, and a great strong wind is blowing.
It's cold and we will put in our kappa so that we can come down at any time.
Go south to Minami Aso and run the Minami Aso Green Road.
While I can not see it at all in the fog, the moment I ran through running the outer ring mountain there is a separate place there.
The strong wind does not change, but there was a blue sky that could escape.


It is not fun to return to the same road, so I went back to Aso at the Bosansan Pass that I asked local riders.

It is raining on the south side that the road is being shredded! With that information I decided to stroll the north side.

I went to Takamori Town Spring Tunnel Park by saying that I would go even at a source that I had never been before before.


The length of this tunnel is about 2 ?! While wearing kappa, it was a little hard in the state of wearing heavy rider wear, but it seems that the water climbs as it goes in the back fountain? It was various and interesting.


Let's go to the Kokonoe in the afternoon! I will go northward on the Yamanami Highway by saying ·
I remembered the old days and went to the Kokonoe restaurant beppuko.
As expected! It is heavily crowded.
Since it can not be helped, I ordered it from croquettes and birds that I can eat soon, so I decided to replace lunch


After that we went to Kokonoe's Ohashi


I went south in Kitakami at the prefectural highway No. 40 and at the color road and enjoyed the Kujuji road.

Last day of Kyushu.
As it is the last day, breakfast is canceled.
Eat breakfast slowly to preserve the physical strength of return.
However, I definitely do not feel I must do the revenge yesterday.
We aim for Taikan peak with the same route.

God did not let go of me. It was the scenery I wanted to say.


Looking at the opposite, the Kuju mountain is also beautiful.


Today I ride the ferry from Beppu, so I took Kitamanami Highway north.
Go to Yufuin – Beppu.

I have time to go, so I will hurry to aim at the Kanto peninsula.
We go around the outside to Kunisaki City, climb mountains there from there and pull through the middle of the Kunisato peninsula.
Pass road on the Kanto peninsula! There were many good roads here as well.
It's a nice place.

Actually, Mr. Uruake who was tied with a black string at 16 o'clock and we had promised to go to the hot springs in Beppu and joined Beppu.

The hot springs that they took us with are the Oni no yu, next to the hell tour.
It was a very good hot spring with a limited number of people.

Next time I will eat delicious yakisoba ", so I ate yakisoba at my husband Love Beppu Haruki store.


There were plenty of sprouts, it was very tasty with hardened noodles.

Then I will get off at Beppu – Osaka 's Sunflower Ferry, sent to Uranai and Uo.


Cheers to Kyushu ^ ~ ~ ~

Extra Arrived at Osaka at 7:30, I ran at a stroke and arrived safely at Ome at 3 o'clock in the evening.

Total travel distance other than ferries 2840 ?! Average 405 per day a day.


It was a plan to set mileage less from the beginning and plan to divide it for sightseeing and exact time, but it was a feeling that I was running on the pass road almost all except for using Osaka roundtrip and the first day of Kyushu on the first day The feeling of running was a certain route.


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