2019 JAGE 1st round match Jiaoton and Sakuta

2019 season JAGE cup first round.
Every year, I am not good at course setting here, but I finished the finish of ninja too, so I thought that I want to make a good run for a while ~ I challenged with JAGE cup 1st round this time from China I was thinking that I would like to show better running than usual.

I prepared the Kawasaki Z250SL for Jaoton.
Tire is α14, suspension is almost normal. . The final is also dunormal.
Still, when I ran by myself, I had a certain time, so I decided to pass in this state for the time being.

And I started with a strong feeling in the first heat foreign country where I was involved, the first course, the first machine and the adverse situation.

It is a very smooth and good run. Did 140 grips of α14 not enough?
Was it too strong? Even though I made a big mistake, I came back with the NO class second time.
It was the top if there was no mistake ~ ~ ~ ~

And me. .

Let’s calm down and let’s go out for the time firmly.

The course this time was relatively narrow and I was not good at it, but I was complimented by the whole and was able to finish the first heat eyes in the overall third place.

I taught the line carefully during the course heat of the second heat eye lunch, but it probably would have been a disaster.
I feel that I have traced the line rather than say that I run all my way.
I really apologize.

The second heat has dropped the time than the first heat which made a mistake.

However, I think the second place in the N0 class is really impressive under this bad condition.
I think that promotion is a certainty if conditions are met, and I think that C1 can also be aimed at the next visit.
Let’s do our best

And I’m still accustomed to the machine, but in the 1st heat and 2nd heat practice run, I came up with some hints on how to run this setting on this machine, so try the goal to do that run Yes.

Sometimes there are mistakes, but I think the machine is running with a good feeling overall.
It was the second heat that gives us confidence that will lead to the future.
My ranking was third overall, but I am very satisfied with the smile and the feeling that I could fulfill my role safely.

I also want to finish Z250SL a little more before the next arrival of Jao Tong, and if I can improve my run more sharply this time, can I get closer to the top? I think.


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