2019 NAPS cup Moto Gym tournament

Last year’s GSXS 1000 won the overall title, but this year the machine is changed and it is an entry at Ninja 400.
The GSXS 1000 had more than a year of time before this tournament, and the machine had been completed to some extent, but I had not used it out, but the situation has not been done out using the Ninja 400 for six months after the purchase. There was a bit of anxiety, but I want to win more than I get out! I wanted to do as much as possible by saying.
The course increased by one from last year’s course, and the course was a bit tighter.
In this course, did it become a little tough to NSR opponent? I thought that but I do not know if I can not play the match.

Qualifying. .
start! When I actually run, the rear is too much. .
I could not get on the rhythm and slip the rear at the end of the slalom, and the machine stopped completely.
This hurts with a course of about 40 seconds. . .
Do you not win the qualifying? Goal while thinking.

Time was able to remain in S class somehow in the sixth fastest time of 39 seconds 9 whole.

The first game of the main battle. . Ohkawa who is the same detonation is not your partner? .
It is the fastest man I think. .
But I can not lose, so it is a setup change of a little change that I put a rear suspension preload from the result of qualifying and also put a damper on the compression side and expansion side.

And start. .
Even if it sees with the video, it is a good match until the middle.
The pattern catches up where the speed is, even if it is delayed by rotation. .

The venue was also heated, was it a good match? I thought, but I still lost (; ∀;).

This time is not all that made a mistake in the qualifying?
Since the setting has changed in the qualifying and the main game, the main game has become like the first shot.
That the first person has become Okawa. .
If you get under 4th in qualifying, you will get used to the machine. Have you taken the course well?
Well, this is another festival, but based on this result, I have seen obvious parts of the machine, so I will try to break the Ninja 400 that has been completed and try some more intrusive settings.
The season has just begun! I would also like to finish the machine and challenge.


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