2023 Gym Chaya Cup Round 1

In order to decide the 2023 specifications of the Z900SE, we started from the previous day’s Satokana training.
Based on what we have tested so far, in order to optimize the balance of the vehicle, we adjusted the balance with the spring rate, oil level, and ride height.
With dumping, we were able to create a vehicle that is completely different.



In the first heat, I waited and ran, but I was able to set a reasonable time.
In the second heat, when I opened it all the way, I slipped quite a lot and it was the end of the first round. 〓
Even so, I didn’t give up and was able to break into 4th place with the time I finished running.
It’s probably good to think that it’s lost more than 1 second, isn’t it?


I have two more things to do, but the parts have arrived, so I’m going to test the final specs of this machine.
Somehow, I feel like I made it in time.


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