2023 Z900 first run

Since the Z900 rear suspension has not been completed, I practiced with the Z250SL for a while.
If I don’t run with 900 soon, I’ll forget a lot of things, so I went to a practice session with 900.


I prepared a genuine Z900RS link rod to test various things.
If you insert the link rod for RS, the vehicle height will be lowered by about 10mm.
In accordance with that, we adjusted the preload that could not be applied until now.
The normal rear shock does not have a damper on the damper side, so it is difficult to set up in detail, and the movement is a little stiff.


When I put in the link rod for RS, it works well, but the suspension doesn’t stop where I want it. . like that
The front load is insufficient. Since it is not possible to adjust the vehicle height or the compression side damper, simply feel the difference in the link
The test is finished.


After that, I returned to the normal link and checked the difference further, but it seems that the normal link is good for the Z900.


I was wearing Diablo for practice in winter, but I have to use Q5 soon! By saying, it is a run with Q5 in it.
If the rear suspension doesn’t come soon, I won’t be able to move forward, but for the time being, it’s a good balance, so I’m going to stick with the Z900 for the time being.


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