After all, the engine is the core element ….

Yesterday’s Dunlop Cup was the worst.
If I had to make an excuse, I would say it was an engine malfunction.
Takechi-Ken I knew that I was in bad shape with the Dunlop-Ken, but I didn’t think that I would be dragged to the Dunlop Cup.


This engine has great power above 8000 rpm, but 50cc below 8000 rpm? It doesn’t accelerate. . .
In gymkhana, it was difficult to make this trait run on the boulder.


I was happy that I didn’t give up until the end and that I didn’t lose my physical condition in the heat.
I would like to improve the parts that were not good this time so that I can run with a smile next time.


The KX112sm Challenge, which has just started, will not end like this. .


I’ll do my best~

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