Mistakes during development are the next step

I went to SRTT collaboration training yesterday.


The purpose of this time is to explore the gymkhana suitability of the DEP torque type chamber.
What kind of expression will you show? I’m looking forward to it.


The specification at the time of the Dunlop Cup was a tuning engine + FMF chamber
This time normal engine + DEP torque type chamber
The setting was with the main jet one rank lower, but considering the temperature, it will feel like it will be one rank higher when it gets cooler.


As soon as you start running, you can feel the goodness of the rise from low speed. . It rises very smoothly.
In the previous state, the engine would drop if you didn’t shift up at around 10000 rpm.
This engine will stretch without dropping even at 6000 rpm.
It sticks well to opening and closing at intermediate speeds, and it is very easy to handle without extending arbitrarily.
Compared to a vehicle with a large displacement, you can’t expect acceleration from an absolute low speed.
From low revs to the top end, the car moves forward beautifully, so I think we were able to get enough performance to enjoy this machine.
To put it simply, it feels like you can run in 3rd gear instead of the figure 8 in 2nd gear at the Dunlop Cup. . This difference is significant.
If you accelerate sufficiently from low speed, the vehicle will respond to your driving that creates a rhythm on the accelerator.
I was told by the people who were watching me that I had come back to see them running happily.
I would like to compete with this engine in the Tri Gymkhana and the Office Chaya Cup on the weekend, and finish it with a machine that I can enjoy driving in the JAGE Cup and Dunlop Cup in September.


A regrettable mistake at the Dunlop Cup. That was very frustrating.
But because of that, I was able to take on this challenge. .
For the next step, I will continue to challenge without fear.


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